HOFEINZ Vintage Wireless Bluetooth Out Wooden Belt Driven 3 Speed Turntable with Built in Stereo Speakers AM/FM Radio……


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Product Description



Speaker system: Built-in dual speakersOutput power of built-in speakers: 1.5W x 2


Stylus type: DiamondCartridge type: CeramicR.P.M: 33/45/78Tone arm mechanism: Auto-stop & Manual model


Bluetooth-out: It pair with bluetooth speakers / headphones automatically.***Bluetooth-in is not available. Cannot pair with smartphones / pads / tablets.

Input / Output Options

RCA Line output Jack3.5mm Aux input Jack3.5mm Headphone Jack


Warm and Bright Wooden Cosmetic

The light wooden finishing provides a distinctive in-house impression. With craftsmen’s right finishing of handwork, we ensure every product maintains classical wood design.


Bluetooth-out Wireless Connection

Its Bluetooth-out function can pair with external bluetooth receivers (sound bars / bookshelf speakers / headphone etc.) which gives more choices to enjoy music life.







Genuine needle provided by HOFEINZ

High quality diamond stylus for ceramic cartridge. Sustainable for thousands of hours.

Removable Protective Film

The removable film provides protection so that it can keep the whole control panel away from scratches and dirts.

A Gift Choice

Great choice for your family members and friends on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Let the time go slow in the gathering, just enjoy good old vinyls.

Auto-stop On/Off Turntable: Supports 3-speed (33/45/78 RPM) of vinyl records; Belt driven turntable with diamond stylus
Audio Performance: Built-in 1.5W x 2 stereo speakers produce optimized clarity of sound for all styles of music
Bluetooth-out: You can enjoy vinyl collection with wireless connection to bluetooth speakers / sound bars
60’s Antique style AM/FM Radio for your listening to online live music, sports and talk radio


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