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Hello! Let me introduce my wife and myself. I am Stephane and I was really lucky to meet my wife, Mariolis, 14 years ago in the beautiful Caribbean island of Cuba. For some time now we have dreamed to create an on-line ‘dairy’ and blog to share aspire our life’s passions. Now our dream is becoming a reality and you, the reader, are the secret ingredient!

We decide to use our little corner of the Internet to inspire other people who love simple things of life like music, cinema, dining, collectibles, antiques, art, and stories and adventures. Like you, we both love to explore new thing and love to learn every day something new.

Like many enthusiastic new bloggers, we are opening our life experiences to you; we believe we can help others to discover a new way to enjoy life, knowing that everything is possible.

Stephane & Mariolis

Regarding my wife and I, coming from two different cultures (Canada and Cuba) our life experience brought us to appreciate the best of each other. For over 25 years, I was fortunate to be self-employed creating achievement awards for the Canadian Record Music Industry (CRIA). In addition, commission custom artistic frame for private collector charity event etc.

This is where I develop my skill to become a multidisciplinary artist in my own right. It was my childhood dream to create special art including all the custom framing all of which became a reality.

During my industry years I created many unique awards in my factory and business offices. I was so fortunate to personally meet many of the award recipients including Elton John, Paul McCartney, The Guess Who, Celine Dion and many others. What a personal thrill see the look on their faces when they received their personalized framed art creation! I also created special award for U2, Lenny Kravitz and many other famous Canadian and international artist.

My work gave me the opportunity to travel and meet my wife, Mariolis, who is, for me, the most outstanding loving curious woman in the world! Creatively she enjoys sewing, knitting and she has a passion interior décor and yes, she is, like me, a huge music lover. In addition, Mariolis has a unique knack for shopping for great clothing and finding beautiful stuff on the web. Mariolis speaks three languages. She loves to participate in new adventure and project and surely wants now to help others with her personal passion skill and great finds. We all need beauty in our lives and for me, Mariolis is a beauty queen.

Let me share where we live in Gaspesie

We live now in the city of Mont-Joli, Quebec, Canada. Before we were in Montreal life was good, but, as with all big cities, stressful. As most of us have experienced, technology and Internet have reshaped every aspect of our personal lives often causing us to accept changes we did not imagine. For me, being in the music industry, the massive trend toward digital music downloading has gradually replaced all my favorite music stores.
The retail world has transitioned into a digital reality with computer technology becoming an integral part of all our lives. Four years ago, the transition from analog to digital permeated the whole music industry ultimately eliminating many careers, including mine. So, like most people, we simply re-invented ourselves and evolved into an exciting future. We decide to re-locate our lives to the region of Gaspesie where we could re-start a new life by the scenic ocean mountains and great nature.

This is our personal invitation for you to participate in our passionate and informative blog for people that are simply, like us, adventurous and down to earth, and love to discover both the vintage and current. We invite you into our lives and the chance to direct you to some great people and inspiring locations.

YES, we want to hear from you too!

We welcome, with open arms, all your responses, feedback, options and any positive and constructive ideas you may have!

Dear friends welcome to our Blog
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Love life,  dining,  collectible, fine art and much more

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