SIREN String Action Gauge Mark II – Guitar Setup Ruler – Luthier Tool (64ths of an Inch String Height Scale)



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You Spoke, we listened! With the original incarnation of the Siren String Action Gauge, we had many requests for a variation with a 64ths of an Inch String Height Scale. So, when we reissued the SIREN String Action Gauge Mark II, we heeded the requests of our valued customers and produced a version with a 64ths of an Inch String Height Scale. For those who prefer to setup String Height in 64ths. The SIREN String Action Gauge Mark II uses Laser Engraving on a stainless steel base to not only ensure the accuracy of the scales, but also guarantees they will not wear off with repeated use. This is unlike other String Action Gauges who use silk-screening technology which tends to easily wear with use. The majority of String Action Gauges have thin, sharp edges, and pointed corners. Using these tools risks damaging your instrument. The SIREN String Action Gauge Mark II is designed with a 0.60mm thickness, smooth polished edges and rounded corners to ensure the Gauge will never scratch or damage your instrument. White scales printed on a matte black base create the perfect color contrast up against an instruments strings making the measurements incredibly easy to see when preforming repairs and setups. Additionally, the 0.60mm thickness makes the Gauge exceptionally strong, durable and more comfortable to handle. It just feels perfect in your hand. Top that all off with a genuine leather case to keep your SIREN String Action Gauge MARK II safe from any wear and tear when not in use and you get the perfect tool to quickly, safely and accurately set up and repair a wide variety of stringed instruments. Whether you are experienced in guitar repair, or a hobbyist who prefers to set up your instrument at home. It’s time to put aside that old machinist ruler and pick up the SIREN String Action Gauge Mark II for all your instrument setup and repair needs.

MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS: Scales in both Inches and Millimeters can be used for a wide range of applications, including measuring String Height, Pickup Height, Bridge Height and Bridge Saddle Slot Depth on a variety of stringed instruments including Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Banjo and Mandolin. Equipped with a convenient Conversion Chart printed on the rear side of the Gauge. Providing Fraction (Inches) to Decimal (Inches) to Metric (Millimeters) conversions.
NO SHARP EDGES OR POINTED CORNERS: Features an innovative design with rounded corners, 0.60mm thickness and smooth polished edges, to ensure your instrument will be safe from scratches and damage when performing repairs and setups.
PREMIUM QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Made from high quality stainless steel for maximum strength and durability. Scales and charts are laser engraved ensuring all measurements are highly accurate and will not wear off with use. Allowing you to enjoy the product for years to come.
ENHANCED VISIBILITY: White scales engraved on the matte black Gauge provide an excellent contrast to the instruments strings. This contrast makes the measurements highly visible. Ensuring impeccable setups every time.


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