Vangoa 12 String Guitar, Acoustic-electric Dreadnought Cutaway Guitar Bundle, Spruce Top, Sapele Back&Sides, Bone Nut, Natural, Gloss(VA20CE NT12)




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12 string guitar12 string guitar

A Great Instrument To Own For Many Reasons

The most attractive of guitars is ringing out a big, open chord and the strings and tonewood working their magic. 12 string guitar has the great power to double the joy. A thicker, fuller sound with more of that glorious harmonic resonance and chime can be heard from simply one guitar.

Compare with 6 string guitar:

✔Brilliant richer and more ringing tone✔Adaptive to more genres of music✔More harmonic sound, out-of-phase vibrations, like 2 guitars playing together✔Great for accompaniment, especially solo gigs✔Perfect replacement for filling in a weak guitar tone

requinto guitar de 12 cuerdasrequinto guitar de 12 cuerdas


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Durable Guitar Neck

Equipt A Truss Rod for Comfortable Playing Experience

Without a truss rod, the guitar neck is prone to bending due to humidity, temper changes, and string tension. We added a sturdy truss rod to keep the neck straight by countering the pull of the strings and natural tendencies in the wood.

With the truss rod, it is easy to adjust a guitar neck to have a slight relief to achieve reasonably low action in high fretboard positions, while letting strings ring clearly in low positions.

Correct Backbow→Add relief to the neck→Turn the truss rod nut counter-clockwise

Correct Upbow→Make your guitar a little easier to play→Turn the truss rod nut clock-wise

guitar 12 strings

guitar 12 strings

guitar 12 strings acoustic

guitar 12 strings acoustic

12 string guitar

12 string guitar

Smoothy Precise Tuning

Nickel-plated tuners are more superior in corrosion resistance18:1 gear ratios offer finer adjustment and greater stability, features a very smooth mechanism without any gaps & delay & slackThe sealed design prevents dust and oxygen erosion, makes it more durable and long-lasting

Comfortable Low Action

Adjustable guitar neck and considerate design ensures a lower action in the high fret positions, also facilitates more accurate intonation

Provides a comfortable grip with enough string spacing

Nut Width: 1.97″( 5.0cm)

12th Fret Width: 2.3″( 5.8cm)

Blazing Solos

American Professional C-shaped necks have an increased comfortable oval profile that works well for most playing stylesCutaway design allows easier access to the upper frets, pull off blazing guitar solos, beautiful contoured curve allows you to perform smooth and comfortable

acoustic 12 string guitarracoustic 12 string guitarr

Stage Standard

Vangoa 12 string acoustic electric guitar features build-in 4-band EQ (Bass, Middle, Treble and Presto) and volume control, audio cable is also included to be satisfied with the stage performance requirement of the guitar player

Interacting Gig ShowAcousitc Starter PracticeHasle-Fredd Live, Record with no need of a mic

Tips for Easily Tuning Vangoa 12 String Guitar

12 string guitars for adults

12 string guitars for adults

guitar twelve

guitar twelve

12-string guitars

12-string guitars

Tuning In order

Holding the guitar neck in your left hand and looking down at the strings, the bottom string (the string closest to your face) starts the tuning sequence with the following notes:


Tune gradually!Don’t wind it all the way up straight away, it will break easily

Pair Strings with Tuning Pegs

The thicker string of the pair is tuned to the same note and octave as a regular 6 string guitar. Tune from bottom to top, in the order we mentioned before

Tune Patiently!Repeat the tune-stretch process two or three times to help the new strings hold their pitch

Tuning Half a Step Down

Many 12 string guitar songs have been set for guitars tuned half step down. Since Twelve strings is a lot of tension for a guitar to take, some of the stress can be relieved by tuning in this way

Tune Properly!Check out online tutorials and videos to see how to tune your instrument properly

Bring Music with You Anytime Anywhere

12 string acoustic

12 string acoustic

12 string guitar natural

12 string guitar natural

guitar twelve

guitar twelve

Home Practice

Music Travel


Top, Sides

Spruce, Sapele


Spruce, Sapele

4-Band EQ


Immediate, balanced tone with little complexity

Strong low-end and midrange bark

Immediate, balanced tone with little complexity


Suits just about any and every style of playing

Strumming and softer playing, contemporary styles, lead playing and fingerpicking parts alike

Suits just about any and every style of playing

Hand Orientation

Right Handed

Right Handed

Right Handed

Color Feature

Low-key Black

Deep, pronounced grain, stripy red

Creamy white to a pinkish light brown, light and unassuming



High Gloss

High Gloss

[✔Precise Tuning] 18:1 ratios tuners offer more precise adjustments. The chrome-plated sealed pegs prevent gear against dust and liquid erosion, durable&long-lasting. Bone nut&saddle efficiently transfer the vibration which makes sound better
[✔Perfect Design] Strings nicely close together won’t take much muscle strength to play. Slender size C-shape neck has a cozy hold. Gloss finish is smooth to touch and make the beautiful wood grain more appealing
[✔Comfort Action] Built-in truss rod better balanced the tension caused by strings or temperature change shrinking for a straight & durable neck. Allow your hand to stay in a more natural and comfortable position
[✔Great Value] 5 mm zipped padded bag, backup string set, etc, everything needed for beginners is included. Just unbox & Play. Vangoa offers a 1-year warranty & fast response service. Buy with confidence


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