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Essential life skills from America's most trusted lifestyle expert—togetherin one beautiful and practical handbook, with hundreds of ideas, instructions, and inspirations

Martha Stewart is America’s go-to source for the best answers to nearly every question. As an authority on the many worlds upon which she’s built her domestic empire, she can advise on everything from creating a cutting garden and setting the table to playing classic lawn games or building a campfire. Whether it’s organizing, celebrating, cleaning, decorating, or any number of other life skills, these are the time-tested, Martha-approved strategies for frequent challenges and basic how-to knowledge that everyone should have at the ready. Also included are plenty of solutions for the not-so-common conundrums, such as how to transport a decorated cake, bathe a cat, or fold an American flag. With hundreds of expert tips and useful insights in an easy-to-follow format, this is the manual you need to learn how to do everything—the Martha way.

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martha manualmartha manual

How to Sew Tote Bags from The Martha Manual

These multipurpose bags have buckles or grommets, with straps that run the gamut—ribbon, rope, and leather are shown opposite, but anything goes.

How to make a basic tote

Cut a piece of canvas twice the desired length of the bag plus 5 inches, and 1 inch wider all around. Fold it in half (right sides together) and sew both sides with a ½-inch seam allowance, then double-hem the top by folding the top edge ½ inch, then 2 inches, and edge-stitching all around. Turn the bag right side out.

martha manualmartha manual

Grommet Tote

1. Trace inside grommet opening with pencil onto bag. Using craft knife, cut an X in marked circles. Set two grommets each on front and back of bag, using a mallet or a hammer following kit instructions.

2. Slide ribbon through grommets at bag front. Fold ends under ¼ inch twice; pin to other side of ribbon at bag top. Sew to secure. Repeat at bag back. (For cord handle, thread through grommets; knot to secure.)


Handleless tote, as described above


Craft knife

Grommet kit

Mallet or hammer

Ribbon, or cord strips, cut to desired length

Sewing supplies

martha manualmartha manual

Buckle Tote

1. Using strong thread, sew two buckles each to top edge of bag front and back, spacing as desired. Stitch around each buckle’s center bar several times to secure attachment.

2. Punch holes 1 inch apart in leather strips, starting about 2 inches from ends. (The holes here were made with the ⅛-inch tube.) Slide ends through buckles and fasten.


When using leather handles, hand-stitch an X on each end using colorful waxed twine.


Sewing supplies

4 buckles (5/8 inch)

Handleless tote, as described above

Rotary leather punch

2 lightweight cowhide leather strips (5/8 inch wide) cut to desired length


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